Traditional Foodcraft

Live demonstrations about the techniques of how traditional Kentucky foods are made were popular at the show.

Sorghum Making

Sorghum making is a specialty of Randal Rock and Curtis Congleton of Country Rock Sorghum in Woodford County, Ky. Country Rock Sorghum was at the show on Saturday, Oct. 26, and attendees watched as cane was pressed and juices boiled to produce the sweet amber-colored nectar that has been a Kentucky tradition for hundreds of years.

Grist Milling

Billy and Trudy Kelly of Connersville Mills in Cynthiana, Ky. know how to grind corn. They were grinding and selling their cornmeal at the food show and patrons loved to watch the mill stone and engine that made it. The engine has been used to make cornmeal since the early 1900s.