Rules & Regulations

In order to assist our exhibitors, the following list of Rules & Regulations is provided to answer the most frequent inquiries regarding our policies:

General Information

  • Lexington Center is a non-smoking facility.
  • Lessee (or exhibitor) is responsible for the security of items in meeting rooms and exhibit areas. LCC is not responsible for damage or loss of property.
  • The use or distribution of helium filled balloons is prohibited without prior approval. Approval would require a signed waiver of responsibility for costs associated with removal of said inflatables. Other common event decorations that require advance authorization include but are not limited to candles, glitter and confetti. Additional fees may be incurred for cleanup of these items.
  • Attachment of signs, display materials, decorations, etc. to wall surface, windows, or drapery is prohibited.
  • The hanging of signs and banners from ceilings must be approved in advance and work performed by Lexington Center personnel.
  • Pets are prohibited with the exception guide, signal and service animals.
  • Exhibits using water features (i.e. fountains) are prohibited in carpeted areas.

Food and Beverage

  • All exhibitors are required to follow local and state health codes relative to the preparation and service of food or food related products (see enclosed guidelines).
  • For those exhibitors which will be cooking or preparing food on site for public consumption in their booth space, you must have a "Temporary Food Permit" visible at your booth. Please request this "permit" from Show Management. Exhibitor will be responsible for returning permit and fee to Fayette County Health Department.
  • If you are sampling product that has been prepared off site, please provide a copy of caterers permit, manufacturers permit or farmer's market permit.


For our Winery exhibitors, we have been approved by the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission to allow the following:

  • Each winery will be allowed to provide their own product directly from their vineyards.
  • Each winery will be able to sell sample size servings or full size servings for on- site consumption directly from their exhibit booth.
  • Each winery will be able to sell full bottles (package liquor sales) for off-site consumption directly from their exhibit booth.

For this opportunity to occur, each winery must adhere to the following regulations:

  • Accept full responsibility for cash transactions for purchases (both samples and full size servings) to include remitting state sales tax, if applicable.
  • Provide appropriate insurance for product and liquor liability listing Lexington Center Corporation as additional insured.
  • Sell product only to patrons wearing a designated wristband (which said patron will receive upon entering the designated "winery area") which indicates they are 21 years of age or older.
  • Adhere to strict age / consumption guidelines and not serve to any patron which is visibly intoxicated.
  • Sell product only in the designated "winery area" as defined by Lexington Center Corporation.

Fire and Safety Regulations

  • Per KRS 237.115 the possession of firearms, knives, or other dangerous weapons is strictly prohibited in Lexington Center, except as provided by KRS 527.020 or by event security when approved and/or provided by the Lexington Center Corporation.
  • All exit doors must be fully operable and unobstructed during all times of occupancy. Exit signs shall remain illuminated and fully visible.
  • Any use of open flames or smoke generating substances or equipment must receive prior approval.
  • All decorations and construction materials must be non-combustible or flame retardant (documentation is required). This includes but is not limited to organic decorations such as mulch, hay bales, etc.
  • Electrical devices must be installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with manufacturers' intended use and applicable codes. In any case, electrical devices that create a hazard to life or property will not be permitted.
  • The use, display, or storage of flammable liquids, including LPG gas, is prohibited except as provided by local and state fire regulations. Complying vendors using propane for the purpose of food preparation are subject to the following limitations:
    • Compressed gas cylinders must be firmly secured in an upright position.
    • Propane storage tanks may be no larger than 5 pounds per booth.
    • Booths using propane shall be located no closer than 100 feet apart (please make show management aware if you are using propane tanks).
    • Additional propane tanks must be stored outside of the building.
    • Food preparation is not permitted in carpeted areas.